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About Us
About Us
Globalstonesite.com is located in Fujian of China - a province famous for its granite resources and stone exportation.  We are a professional stone incorporation of mining, manufacturing and trading. Our advantages:  1) Quarrier: We own the biggest quarries of granite G664/Luoyuan Red/Violet Luoyuan & G687 / Peach Red and also directly cooperated with many other popular granite quarries like G603, G654, G562, Shanxi Black. etc, our annual output is more than 100,000m3. 2) Manufacto...
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  • Eight advantages of stone in modern architecture. 2019/Nov/07

    With the changes of the times, the improvement of human aesthetic taste and the pursuit of uniqueness, stone, because of its natural attributes, can satisfy people's pursuit of permanent and unique inner desires. Eight advantages of stone in modern architectural decoration First, noble and elegant T1

  • Ten details of the acceptance of quartz stone countertops after installation. 2019/Nov/01

             Quartz stone is a kind of artificial stone. It has the characteristics of natural environmental protection, non-toxic and non-radiative. Quartz stone has natural quartz hardness and tight pore-free. No cracks, sturdy and durable, elegant and fashionable colors, in l1

  • What should we do if the project requires no color difference in the stone curtain wall? 2019/Oct/25

    First, the stone curtain wall The stone curtain wall is usually composed of a slate support structure, and does not bear the structural support structure of the main structure load and function. The stone curtain wall generally adopts the dry hanging installation method, because the dry hanging is s1


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